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Team Stores

  1. ZeroGen Pro Line/Merch Store

    • Free Setup/Design on Jersey and Merch for High School/College teams.
    • $150 Setup/Design fee for orgs.
    • Perfect for teams that want a fundraiser option.
    • You can take off items from the base store that you do not wish to include on your store.
    • Stores generally stay open for 2 weeks.
    • Orders produced/shipped 2 weeks after closing date.
  2. ZeroGen Mini Store

    • $150 Setup/Design fee all teams.
    • Perfect for orgs that want a store open at all times.
    • Store includes 1 sukblimated design, 2 screenprint, and 2 embroidered options.
    • Limited amount of items.
    • Orders produced/shipped 2-3 days after purchase
    • No fundraising.

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ZeroGen Mini Store - $150 Design/Set up fee

Choose 1-4 Pro Line items to put on your store